Fantasia Painting (40)

I was playing with my dog, basically you can say a street dog, but yes it was certainly mine. I discovered him as a pup and I tied a torn out red border of my momma’s saree around its neck and from that day onwards we became friends. We used to play in the dirt in front of our house and we both often used to escape into the big delicious market which was a few miles away when momma wouldnt be in home. She was afraid I don’t know why but yes she certainly was and she repeatedly used to tell me to play somewhere near our home only. I said delicious because it was. Other things made no sense to me and I was only drawn towards the yummy smell of the eatables but according to the vendor, I had no money. Well ours was a big house with a big hall which was enough for three people i,e., me, momma and my dog Munu. Momma cooked in the right corner and we slept on the other side. 

That day momma gave me a ten ruppee note which that bad old fat woman had given her and asked me to go to the market and buy as many things as I wanted. Personally I didnt like that woman. She was very rude. I asked momma not to work or go to her home but she didnt listen to me. But anyways i was very happy to get the ten ruppee note. It was the first time I got such a huge amount of money and I ran to market with Munu. I went to almost all the shops who had food with them but according to them, my money wasn’t sufficient. I finally got two pieces of what they call samosa. I ate one and gave the other one to Munu. We ate it hungrily. Afterall we were so much tired but it was worth it. The samosa was yummy.